Monday, September 10, 2012

Monday, September 10, 2012

71.8 kg is what the scale said this morning before breakfast.
72.8 kg is what it said after breakfast.
72.8 kg is what is said after lunch.

     I like to do my chest press with either a barbell press or with dumbbells.  Actually, I like to rotate, a couple weeks with one and a couple of weeks with the other.  I think I get a more strenuous and more balanced muscular workout than I would with a machine.  The problem with dumbbells, though, is getting the heavy dumbbells up in the air into starting position.  Here in Korea, I've never seen anyone spot another during any exercise.  Maybe it's just my luck.  At my gym, usually, there is no other man around, and the desk clerk seems busy enough keeping the laundry done.   So, I'm pretty much on my own and, so, end up doing more bench pressing with the barbell flat bench.  

     This gym doesn't have a decline bench that I can use with barbells or dumbbells, so I'm stuck with using the machine pictured above and below for decline chest presses.  In my opinion, the decline chest press is easier to do than it looks.  I think that is because at the angle at which I'm pressing, my chest muscles have added support from my lower body.  I'll do this pressing exercise for about two weeks after which I'll rotate to incline presses.

     I cannot do as much weight using a regular barbell set-up on a decline bench as on this machine.  Pictured above, each orange and yellow plate weighs 20 kg.   So, I feel like I'm cheating when I use a machine (pictured above).

      Soon, after a week or so, I'll see if I can use dumbbells / barbells for my shoulder exercises.  Until then, I'll use this machine to condition my shoulders.

     Oh I wish they had a plain ole set of dipping bars where I could do leg raises too.  I have to put that yellow plate there to do dips unassisted.

     I do like how my chest and triceps feel after I've used this flye machine for a few sets.  So, I'm not totally anti-machine when it comes to exercises.

     Ok, at this angle in the mirror, my arms look pretty good, but I've got the most stubborn arm muscles!

Workout Summary: 
  1. flat bench 60 x 8
  2. flat crunch 28
  3. flat bench 60 x 8
  4. flat crunch 28
  5. flat bench 60 x 8
  6. flat crunch 30
  7. flat bench 60 x 9
  8. flat crunch 30
  9. decline bench 80 x 15
  10. decline bench 120 x 12
  11. decline bench 160 x 7
  12. decline bench 140 x 9
  13. dips 8
  14. flye machine (setting 19) x 8
  15. shoulder machine (setting 8) x 8
  16. dips 8
  17. fly machine 19 x 8
  18. shoulder machine 8 x 9
  19. dips 9
  20. fly machine 19 x 7
  21. shoulder machine 8 x 10
  22. dips 8
  23. fly machine 18 x 7
  24. shoulder machine 8 x 9
  25. preacher curls 10 kg x 10
  26. triceps extension (cable) 10 x 12
  27. preacher curls 10 x 11
  28. triceps extension 10 x 11
  29. preacher curls 15 x 8
  30. triceps extension 10 x 10
  31. preacher curls 15 x 10
  32. triceps extension 10 x 10

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