Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Weight before breakfast: 71.5
Weight after lunch: 72.3



     Every time I've gone to this gym there have been more women than men there.  I can't recall ever having seen more than three other men (besides the desk clerk - I guess he's the manager, and maybe even the owner.) there.

     I'm not complaining.  After all, I never have to wait to use a piece of equipment.  Usually, I'm the only one in the shower room, not that I care, so I can sing off key if I want.

     Maybe, just out of curiosity, I'll go at a different time (perhaps in the evening after work) a few times.

     Today, I was the only man there (not counting the manager).

  In the picture above, you can see my arrangement of equipment for the first circuit: Incline press, seated dumbbell curls, and leg raises.  Here's what I did.

1.  Incline press 15 (each plate) x 10
2.  Dumbbell curls 14 (each arm) x 8
3.  Leg raises 14

4.  Incline press 15 x 10
5.  Dumbbell curls 14 x 8
6.  Leg raises 14

7.  Incline press 15 x 10
8.  Dumbbell curls 14 x 8
9.  Leg raises 15

     I carried the dumbbells to the bench pictured above.  I made a circuit of Flat bench press, leg raises  and crunches, and dumbbell curls.  For the flat bench, I started with only the orange plates, which are 20 kgs each.  I added the green plates (10 kgs each) for the remaining sets.   I used the same 14 kg dumbbells.  I did two sets of dumbbell curls, then three sets of preacher machine curls.  I did two sets of leg raises, then three sets of crunches with my feet propped up on the barbell bar.

10.  flat bench 20 x 15
11.  leg raises 14
12.  dumbbell curls 14 x 7

13.  leg raises 14
15.  dumbbell curls 14 x 6

16.  flat bench 30 x 8
17.  crunches 30 + short rest + 20
18.  preacher machine curls 10 x 8

19.  flat bench 30 x 8
20  crunches 30 + short rest + 20
21  preacher machine curls 10 x 10

22.  flat bench 30 x 8
23.  crunches 30 + short rest + 20
24.  preacher machine curls 10 x 8

No superstar here.  Just an ordinary guy enjoying his own life in his own world.

On tomorrow, I'll work on my legs, back, and hips.

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