Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Past Gym Pics ... all mixed up

     I've always hoped I was accomplishing a good thing by working out in a gym.  I've not been after any prizes.  My arms, legs, and abs have been just way too stubborn for that!  Still, I've liked to enjoy what I've seen in the mirror.  If I haven't liked what I've seen, I've aimed to make changes, especially around the waistline. 

     I've never starved myself, but I've kept myself mindful of my eating behaviors.  I've avoided "all you can eat" restaurants like plagues.  I've changed my "wants" over the years.  I don't WANT a lot of salt and table sugar going into my body.  I WANT fresh foods going into my body.  I don't WANT to pig out.  I WANT to enjoy a variety of foods.  I don't WANT to smoke.  I WANT to keep my consumption of alcohol, sodas, and sweetened beverages low.  I want to keep my weight between 69 and 73 kg.  I want to keep my waistline at between 76cm and 83 cm.

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