Monday, August 27, 2012

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Weight before breakfast: 71.9
Weight after breakfast:  72.9

     As I was writing this, a typhoon was heading up the sea that's between Korea and China.  Forecasts had said something like "all of South Korea will be wet by Tuesday."  I looked out the window after getting out of bed.  Yea, things were wet, but no rain was falling.  I couldn't hear any wind, so I wondered, "has it arrived?"

     I was living in Georgia the year "Katrina" hit.  During my sleep, I could hear the wind and rain outside.  Where I lived was hundreds of miles from the shores of the Gulf of Mexico.  So, I guess I was expecting to hear wind and rain just like that.  Gumi is kinda in the middle of South Korea.  But, this typhoon was rated at cat 3.  

     Within an hour, rain started coming down off and on, off and on.  I decided (although against my wishes) to err on the side of safety, and stay home.  

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