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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

     My paternal grandfather's body dropped dead as he was leaving church one Sunday.  He had just gotten through testifying that he was "ready to go home to heaven."  He "walked out of the church, directly into heaven" leaving the body behind.  That's what I heard people say.

     My paternal grandfather's body was not yet sixty-five.  My maternal grandfather's body died a few days after his fifty-ninth birthday. That didn't happen in church, but it was sudden.  

     I used to think fifty was old. 

     Yea!  Sometimes I think about my two grandfathers.

     I believe in God.  I believe in heaven.  After "I believe" it gets messy.  In one moment I think, "I'm not afraid for my body to die."  In another, "I'm definitely in no hurry for my body to die."  Whatever, until my body dies, I want to live in it the best I can.  In it, I completed my fifty-fourth lap around the sun last December.

Weight before breakfast this morning was 70.6 ... After, 71.3

Weight after workout, before lunch was 71.0.

      This is a typical breakfast for me on Monday through Friday.

     What I have on Saturday and Sunday all depends on what else I will do on those days.  Sometimes, I have cereal, milk, and coffee.  Sometimes, I have eggs and whatever I feel like eating.

 Roll call!  Everyone here?

Those blue plates are 20 kg each.
I made a circuit of this flat bench set up and bicep curls (lifting both dumbbells at the same time) using two 10 kg dumbbells.

1.  40 x 14
2.  20 x 8

3. 40 x 11
4.  20 x 12

5.  40 x 11
6.  20 x 10

Those yellow plates are 15 kg each.

For my second circuit, I used an incline chest press set up with 30 kgs on the bar.  Also, used two 12 kg dumbbells to do alternating bicep curls.

7.  30 x 9
8.  24 x 10

9.  30 x 8
10.  24 x 10

11. 30 x 9
12.  24 x 10

For my third circuit, I used this pec dec machine and two 12 kg dumbbells.

13. 8 x 11 ("8" refers to the number on the plate.  I don't know                                 
                  its weight.)

14. 24 x 10 alternating bicep curl

15.  10 x 9
16. 24 x 10

17.  11 x 7
18.  24 x 10

19.  10 x 8
20.  24 x 8

     I like how my triceps feel after using this fly machine.  For my fourth circuit, I used this machine and I did leg raises on a flat bench.  

21.  18 x 8  ("18" is not the kg, but the number on the machine      

22.  12

23.  18 x 9
24.  12

25.  18 x 6
26.  12

     I closed my workout with one set of 12 on the flat bench.  My only rationale was, "I felt like doing it."

     After I poached the eggs, I added instant coffee to the water and simmered the pork in it for a few minutes (Yum!  Yum!).  I drank the chocolate milk first (I read somewhere that chocolate milk can be an excellent after-workout beverage because it's got stuff in it that helps muscle recovery.).  Oh!  That's near the last of my banana (and pumpkin seed) bread.

Now, for some commentary 
and general silliness.

      Sometimes, this guy is my best friend.
      This is how the gym master dries the laundry all day.
      This guy is ALWAYS my best friend.  I live with him 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  We go everywhere together. He never leaves me.  We talk to each other often.  What would I do without him?

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