Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Weight before going to be last night:  72.5
Weight before breakfast:  71.5
Weight at the gym, before workout:  73
Weight after work out, before lunch: 72.4

Body Fat % at the gym: 8%

     It was raining today, but I wanted to go to the gym, so I chose to hail a taxi.  No problem!  The cost for getting there was 2600 W and for returning home 2200 W.  It's not like I have to dish out that much money everyday, and I enjoyed my workout, so it was worth the cost.

     After arriving and changing into my workout clothes, I asked the manager if I could step on that little machine and hold those handles to have my body analyzed.  I'm not sure about the credibility of those machines, but it was free, so why not!  Anyway, it told us that my body fat was 8%.  Ok, I hope that's true.  It confirmed that my upper body responds quickly to exercise, but my legs are more stubborn (Ok, I already knew that.).  Anyway, for a man my age, that machine believes I'm in pretty good shape.  

 Breakfast and Lunch, just like yesterday.

Breakfast -- bowl of plain shredded wheat mixed with wheat flakes, sliced nectarine, dried blueberries, dried cranberries, pumpkin seeds, almonds, and whole milk.  Black coffee.

Lunch -- Plain 2-egg omlet, some left over chicken nuggets coated in spicey sweet and sour sauce, a couple of ddaks (the white rice cake thing) and a few prunes.  .Coffee.

While at work, I'll probably snack a little bit.

For dinner, I'll have roasted beef on the bone simmered to make a soup with cabbage and wheat noodles added.  Maybe, I'll have a half peanut butter sandwich for a night cap.


The green plates are 10 kg each.
The yellow ones are 15 kg each.
The blue ones are 20 kg each.
The small green one is 10 kg.
The small orange one is 5 kg.

     Pictured above is the set up for my first circuit:  Dead lifts, shoulder shrugs, and rotary hip/ab machine (behind the rack holding the barbell and pictured below).

1.  Dead lifts 30 x 10
2.  Rotary 6 x 15
3.  Shrugs 20 kg (each arm) x 8

4.  Dead lifts 30 x 15
5.  Rotary 6 x 15
6.  Shrugs 20 x 10

7.  Dead lifts 50 x 10
8.  Rotary 6 x 12
9.  Shrugs 20 x 13

10.  Dead lifts 50 x 7
11.  Rotary 6 x 12
12.  Shrugs 20 x 12

13.  Squats 30 x 12
14.  Incline sit ups 17
15.  Straight arm pull down (cable machine) 8 x 8

16.  Squats 30 x 10
17  Incline sit ups 17
18.  Straight arm pull down 10 x 11

19. Squats 30 x 10
20.  Incline sit ups
21.  Straight arm pull downs 10 x 12

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