Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Thursday, August 16, 2012

     Breakfast was old fashioned oatmeal without butter, without sugar, but with a spoon full of peanut butter, a handful of dried cranberries, a handful of almonds, and milk.  Black coffee was my beverage of choice (as usual).

     As for the weather, I rode into some light rain on the way to the gym, but the air was cool.

I started my workout by doing a warm up set of 15 reps on the flat bench (see above) using a 15kg plate on each end of the barbell pole.  After that, I did a set of 15 preacher curls with 7.5 kg on each end of the bar.

     After that, I went back and forth from the barbell to the preacher curls like this.

1.  flat bench: 30kg  x 15
2.  p. curls: 7.5 kg x 15
3.  flat bench: 60 kg x 12
4.  p. curls:  7.5 kg x 15
5.  flat bench:  60 kg x 12
6.  p. curls:  7.5 kg x 15

     I wish this gym had a decline bench where I could use a regular barbell pole and plates, but they don't.  They don't have a bench that will decline, so I'm stuck using this machine.  The decline press is easier that it looks once you get the hang of it.  Usually I do it last, but today, I mixed things up a bit.  The plates you can see in the above picture are the ones that I used on my last rep on this machine.  The green plates are 10 kg each.  The middle yellow plate is 20 kg.  Each yellow plate at the end is 15 kg.  So, that's 70 kgs on each side of this machine (see pic below).  I was able to do only 4 reps, but (as I said) it was my last set.  Here's my summary of the sets:

40 kg x 15
80 kg x 15
110 kg x 10
140 kg x 4     

     After finishing my decline bench press reps, I went back and forth between the preacher curl and the fly machines

     The two pictures above show you the preacher curl machine I used set on 9.  The two pictures below these two show you the fly machine I used set on 18.

     Here's my summary of my sets with the preacher curl and fly machines.

p. curls:  8 x 12
fly:  18 x 9
p. curls:  10 x 8
fly:  18 x 8
p curls:  10 x 8
fly:  18 x 8

   I used the dumbbells (12 kg ea) to do some bicep curls (palms facing forward).  I went back and forth between these and the dip bars you can see below this picture.
 dumbbell curls:  12 x 8
unassisted dips: 11
dumbbell curls:  12 x 8
unassisted dips:  11
dumbbell curls:  12 x 8
unassisted dips:  9
   Wearing a shirt that's tight around my neck make me very uncomfortable.  As you can see, I sweat a lot in a tank top sleeveless  shirt.  Yes, I sip on water (sometimes as much as a liter or so) all throughout my workout.

     By the way, this gym (as most gyms do in South Korea) provides workout shorts, shirts, and towels.  The shirts at this gym are loose around the neck but have sleeves, so they're not so good for me, especially during the summer and fall months.

     For my last two exercises, I used the shoulder machine pictured to the right and the dumbbells pictured below.  It was the end of work out, so I was pretty worked out, so I used light weights.  

Shoulders:  4 x 10
Hammer Curls:  9 x 8
Shoulders:  4 x 10
Hammer Curls:  9 x 8
Shoulders:  5 x 9
Hammer Curls: 9 x 8

      After showering, I rode my bike home and enjoyed a lunch of coffee and egg and cabbage sandwich.

     After lunch, my weight was 72.7kg.

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